Meanwhile, back in the 80s

I can believe this:

“Our 14-year-old selves are totally dying,” BT says about All Hail the Silence, his new duo with BBMAK’s Christian Burns.

BT turned 14 in 1985.

The seeds of AHTS were planted when BT and Christian toured Europe with Tiesto “many moons ago.” They began trading musical ideas and hatching plans, ultimately starting to record about five years ago, independently and without a label deal, in the basement Baltimore studio of a reclusive friend of BT’s who owns an extensive collection of analog synthesizers — “Cooler than any of the other synthesizer museums out there,” BT says. They shoehorned work in when their schedules allowed, cooking up an estimated 18 tracks under arduous conditions. “There was not a computer used on this record,” BT reports. “I was there with patch cables around my neck. Every single sound was done live, straight to tape, sometimes up to two days recording a song. It was truly a labor of love. I’m more proud of it than any other project I’ve done — and that’s saying something.”

Given BT’s well-deserved reputation for computerized wizardry — but never mind. This is analog at its non-digital best.

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