The nutty professors

You’d recognize them on sight. They’re not the ones who keep busy trying to explain the real world to students; they’re the ones who get “news” coverage for their almost-invariably-worthless cultural complaints. And no thanks to that “news” coverage, they’re ridiculously easy to spot:

I’m sure you’ve noticed the inverse relationship between material prosperity and intellectual rigor. Well, that goes for OpSec too. Back when they faced real resistance, Communist cadres burrowed in. I read somewhere that Ho Chi Minh used so many pseudonyms in his revolutionary career that his troops were already kicking our asses before the whiz kids at Langley even figured out his real name. Nowadays, of course, they’re right out in the open.

And there’s that whole conspicuous-consumption thing:

They also live very nice lives. They drive fancy cars. Their kids go to private schools. Which kinda contradicts the Revolutionary message they preach at undergrads, dontcha think? And their intellectual lives are as schizo as their material ones — just as the most expensive car in the faculty lot always belongs to the wildest-eyed Communist, so the most virulently genocidal statements against White folks are made by professors who could be mistaken for a mayonnaise sandwich in a snowstorm.

One of the true tragedies of our time is that you cannot say, for instance, “Daniel Cohn-Bendit” out loud and expect gales of boisterous laughter in return.

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