Paws to consider

Seeing yourself deteriorating — and retaining your sense of humor about it — to me seems only slightly short of miraculous:

The Internet is chock-full of cat videos. Among them there is one that gave us a chuckle a few years ago: a sullen cat pushing various objects off a table. And then came a day few weeks ago when I reached for a remote control sitting on the table right next to me. Rather than grabbing it, I pushed it off the table. It was impossible for me to pick it up with my right hand, which is now in a more-or-less permanently clenched fist.

Dee’s observation: You have now officially become a kitty.

We won’t ask him for a video. But:

Alas, she is right. But at least I don’t have to lick myself all over.

And he doesn’t quite sound sullen. (Yet.)

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