More of a grip

Halfway through the preseason, and the Thunder looked a bit more cohesive on defense on the way to a 113-101 win. The Timberwolves, assuming they can solve the Jimmy Butler problem, should provide some serious competition four times in the regular season, especially if things keep going wrong with Andre Roberson’s rehab, but the Wolves’ specialty, drawing fouls, didn’t help as much as it usually does; OKC, at least in this incarnation, seems to have learned more about defending without fouling.

Paul George was back, and he was up to Paul George levels of ferocity. Perhaps more entertaining, though, was the Thunder bench, which rolled up more than 50 points and kept the Wolves from catching up. Tulsa fans should enjoy the Sunday matinee against the Atlanta Hawks, though we’re still in the preseason and probably shouldn’t expect a whole heck of a lot.

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