Strange search-engine queries (662)

A lot of people aren’t even aware that this site, very nearly as old as the World Wide Web itself, even exists. Then they punch up a search string, read down the results, and suddenly, there we are. Multiply by a dozen or so, and you have this Monday-morning feature.

what people like about winter:  I’m guessing “ice on the roads” doesn’t make the list.

chemistry sorghum syrup:  Two parts sugar, one part some other sugar.

interlock selonoid 1994 mazda 626:  Um, “solenoid.” The Selenoids were assimilated by the Borg around star date 23963.4.

intellectual flexibility:  Once a desirable characteristic, now spurned in favor of superficial diversity.

life imitates me:  Lucky you. It mostly irritates me.

oldsmobile bravada heat sometimes work sometimes no:  It’s October. Let’s hope it works for now.

gay sex with old men scholl sandals:  As fetishes go, this one seems a bit more specific than usual.

every thing about cancer:  Pretty much sucks.

i want to move my cadillac cts drivers seat further back:  Either this guy plays for the NBA, or he’s the worst slouch you’ve ever seen.

well endowed nudist:  Inherited a lot of money, did he?

ging gang bung:  Sequel to the Five Keys’ “Ling Ting Tong.”

how to get rid of negative search engine queries under you name:  Try not being a dick.

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