I demand that you support me

I was starting to feel sorry for this guy: Why do I get the error “Your browser does not recognise any of video formats available” ONLY ON YouTube and embeded videos + very few ads?

And then he blew it:

If i enter a video (through YT search for example) it might show it directly but not always.Also if i move to other video from that,i can see that one directly (exept music videos. I guess bc they are in “music” category) and i can also see the original video if i click back.

If i enter a video through google search,i also need to do this forward and back move to see it..It was fine until 1-2 weeks ago,then, over day, it suddenly stopped working.

I have windows XP and won’t change it for anything,i also have Firefox 42 and won’t change it,except maybe only some few numbers up,as i don’t like the latest design of it.

Why do i get this error and how do i fix it ?

Emphasis added to illustrate mindset. Time marches on; some will choose to keep up, and some will not.

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