Still not dead yet

So where is Elio Motors this week? Still hanging in there somehow, but there’s been a small change in plans:

Early Elio prototypes carried a transplanted three-cylinder engine sourced from the illustrious Geo Metro, with the fledgling automaker claiming it had a 900cc triple of 55 horsepower in its sights. Well, plans change. The company, which hopes to start production in Louisiana next year, says it has secured a deal with an existing automaker for the car’s powerplant.

In a media release displaying a clear lack of knowledge of commas, the automaker claims it entered into a memorandum of understanding with a “Fortune 500 OEM” for the little mill. This arrangement, Elio says, will save the company piles of cash that would otherwise go towards R&D. Suffice it to say money is still tight at Elio.

The OEM in question is not identified, but one possibility is the 1.0-liter Ford EcoBoost inline-three engine, which needs some new homes now that Ford is trying to avoid selling actual cars in the States.

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