That touch of green

It’s a clever balancing act, but it’s still an act:

The Texas plant producing General Motors’ body-on-frame SUVs is clean and green, even if the vehicles it builds are anything but Prius-like.

In August, the 43 turbines of Southern Power’s 148 MW Cactus Flats Wind Facility became operational in Concho County, Texas. GM, along with General Mills (the tastier GM) both have contracts to purchase power from the facility — in GM’s case, some 50 MW of it per year. That means it can now claim its Arlington, Texas assembly plant is 100 percent powered by renewable energy. The Environmental Protection Agency just placed GM at No. 76 on its list of the country’s largest green power users.

The General is pledged to go full-renewable by 2050, and this is a substantial start — but it’s still sort of amusing that they start with the plant where they build Suburbans and Yukons XL.

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  1. McGehee »

    10 October 2018 · 4:32 pm

    Sort of the opposite of solar, where manufacturing is toxic but the product is “virtuous.”

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