I only need a little bit of fraud

And for a short time, too: Is it illegal to have a liability coverage and have an accident and switch then wait to claim it so full coverage will pay for it?

As the phrase goes, we are not making this up:

I have liability and I need my car fixed it won’t fix I really cannot afford to fix it or to get full coverage but I need my car fixed so could I?

On the upside, your transportation costs will be negligible while you’re in jail.

Another plaintive wail from the same person led someone to do some tracking:

You’re a full time university student, your parents don’t help you financially, and you work at a part-time job. You own a 2014 Nissan Altima and last night a tree fell on your car and hit one side of your trunk.

A ’14 Altima? Somehow it’s paid for? Nobody gets to finance a car without full coverage.


  1. Rob O'Hara »

    11 October 2018 · 7:03 am

    A friend of the family got into two accidents (neither were her fault) in a short period of time — short enough that repairs from the first accident hadn’t been performed before she got into the second fender bender. She ended up filing two claims, used the second claim to pay for all the damages, and pocketed the money from the first claim.

    I bit my tongue, and maybe there’s some bending of the rules that makes this legal, but insurance schemes like that always make me nervous — plus, I’m guessing karma lies in the following year’s rates.

  2. fillyjonk »

    11 October 2018 · 7:13 am

    When I was a full-time university student, I didn’t HAVE a car.

    Because I knew I couldn’t afford one. I went somewhere and lived somewhere that I could walk.

    I also wonder how much this sort of thing makes the insurance rates for drivers who don’t do such fiddles and don’t driver recklessly (aka me) go up.

  3. McGehee »

    11 October 2018 · 9:12 am

    I think if the insurer had a problem with paying two claims on the same car, they wouldn’t have done it. And if they wanted to be sure the money was used only to make repairs, they wouldn’t have simply written the checks to the policyholder.

  4. McGehee »

    11 October 2018 · 9:13 am

    plus, I’m guessing karma lies in the following year’s rates.


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