Hurry up with that kidney

Someone actually worth saving is on the queue:

Years ago, when I selected Organ Donor as the default on my driver’s license, my father told me not to do it. He said there would come a time, when the rich and influential would kill people just to take their organs.

I agreed to think about it, but, secretly, I laughed about his paranoia. How ridiculous! No one would ever do that.

No one? Here are three who would:

Canadians Ian Ball and Robert Sibbald from Western University, along with Robert Truog from Harvard, recently published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine calling for organ donation from euthanasia victims.

They went so far as suggesting pulling the organs from the still-alive “donor” such that removing the organs would cause the donor’s euthanasia itself. The fresher the better. The transplant surgeons thus become both the one who sustains life for one, and the dealer of death for the other. All it takes, according to the authors, is a few simple tweaks to legislation.

The only proper response to this, I contend, is “You first.”


  1. fillyjonk »

    12 October 2018 · 7:11 am

    “suggesting pulling the organs from the still-alive “donor” such that removing the organs would cause the donor’s euthanasia itself.”

    Screaming. Forever.

    1. People ask me why I won’t read dystopian fiction. Dammit, we’re already close enough to a real dystopia

    2. 3-D-printed organs made from adult stem cells from the patient (which also eliminates the rejection issue) cannot come fast enough.

    3. Maybe this is a way to discourage people from accepting euthanasia as a “good”?

    And I say this as someone who had a close family friend who got 20 extra years of life from a donor kidney (donor was killed in a car wreck but had checked their “donation” box)

  2. hollyh »

    12 October 2018 · 9:36 am

    FJ, best avoid Black Mirror episodes. Nightmare-inducing, for their realism.

  3. McGehee »

    12 October 2018 · 9:44 am

    Truly, we should all submit to the authority of scientists.

  4. nightfly »

    12 October 2018 · 12:48 pm

    The thing is, I would suspect a very dark satire but these are academics, so it’s quite possible it’s all in earnest.

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