Strange search-engine queries (663)

What does it mean if your search string appears here? Not so much, really; it means only that we saw it, and thought it was a tad less dull than the usual stuff we get around here.

what to do while waiting for 911 ambulance:  Try not to bleed?

“the runaway american dream”:  Being able to afford an ambulance when you need one.

louie louie first dance wedding song:  Makes a lot more sense than, say, “Every Breath You Take.”

google page ranks defunct:  Yeah, that’s what they said at Bing.

what snakes live in drains:  The ones that cost $300 to remove.

stupid minds think alike:  Not so. Some of them don’t think at all.

nytimes recent paper back book reviews &emdash; one on lonely women being less choosey as they age:  As long as they’re sanitary.

“plumper wearing black opaque tights”:  Not that men are all that picky.

origin of polish jokes:  Hint: it wasn’t Latvia.

what people like about winter:  It usually goes away in about 90 days.

totally enclosed slut:  I think they charge extra for that.

ambien sex:  If God is merciful, you won’t remember a thing.

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