Opening naught

So we knew early on that neither Dre nor Westbrook would be active tonight. Okay, fine. But Steven Adams was a gametime decision? Now we worry.

Adams did play, and didn’t seem to be particularly rusty, though his back seemed to bother him at times. Dennis Schröder and Paul George were less than wonderful early on, but stabilized; down 10 at halftime, the Thunder, paced by 15 from PG-13, briefly led, finished the third quarter down only four, and tied it up again early in the fourth. But Golden State routinely swept the boards clean, and outshot the Thunder almost every way it’s possible to shoot; on balance, it’s sort of amazing the Warriors won this one by only eight, 108-100.

Weirdly, there were only two double-doubles all night: Adams got one (17/11), and Kevon Looney (!) got the other (10/10). Steph Curry delivered 32 points as effortlessly as only he can, Kevin Durant (remember him?) followed with 26. Leading the OKC charge: George (26) and Schröder (21). But look at these GS numbers: Rebounds, 57-46. Free throws, 17/18 versus 23-36. Then again, neither side did much from the three-point line: the Warriors went 7-26, the Thunder 10-37, neither of them on the good side of 30 percent.

Good news: OKC only has to play the Warriors three times this year. Bad news: two of them will be in Oakland. Next game is Friday against the Clippers, or what’s left of them anyway.


  1. Rob O'Hara »

    17 October 2018 · 8:25 am

    I 100% get the rivalry, but the minute they announced the schedule I was like… how much fun is knowing you’re going to lose opening night? Perhaps that’s not the most positive fan opinion, but with both teams at 100% health, the Warriors would have to have a pretty bad night (and the Thunder, a stellar one) for us to prevail, and with Westbrook out, I had already written this one off before the opening tip. Like you said, it was closer than I thought it would be (and should have been). Lots of turnovers caused by Thunder fast hands, but when all you do is miss layups after stealing the ball.. it was like I saw the entire season flash before my eyes last night.

  2. CGHill »

    17 October 2018 · 7:19 pm

    You never know, though. Last season the Thunder and the Warriors split four games, each winning one and losing one at home. And historically, OKC has seldom gotten off to a fast season start,

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