Tip this man all the money in the world

A good gotta-love-it story, and boy, do we need one now:

Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan, doesn’t make deliveries.

But the pizza place made one very heartfelt exception, with a compassionate worker making the three-hour-plus trip to Indianapolis to brighten the day for a family in crisis.

Wait, what?

Julie and Rich Morgan lived in Battle Creek more than two decades ago, but they never forgot how much they loved Steve’s Pizza. In a Facebook post, Julie wrote that it’s the “gold standard” they compare other pizzas to (although no other pizza stacks up).

They were planning a weekend getaway to Battle Creek so they could once again enjoy it, but Rich fell ill and ended up in the emergency room. Days later, they discovered he was losing a battle with cancer and would have to stay in hospice care in Indianapolis.

That meant a trip to Battle Creek was no longer possible, and the family concentrated on spending as much time with Rich as possible. Julie’s father — keeping it a secret — contacted Steve’s Pizza over the weekend and spoke to a manager, 18-year-old Dalton Shaffer. He explained the situation to Shaffer, and said a card from the pizza shop would lift their spirits.

Shaffer, who got the call as he was wrapping up work for the night, had a better idea: he offered to deliver a pizza to the family. [He] made the 225-mile drive from Battle Creek, Michigan, to Indianapolis, arriving around 2:30 a.m. to make the delivery. He brought the family a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.

Just when you thought the world had gone completely off its nut.

(Via Fark.)

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