Strange search-engine queries (664)

“I have one last request,” said the dying man.

“What’s that?”

“Delete my browser history,” he gasped, and the curtain fell.

Probably wasn’t the person looking for these, but you know, you never know.

snuggie evolution:  Far as I know, they’ve never made it out of Version 1.0.

grand am drivers seat bolster turn knob:  See your nearest salvage yard. Or wear a Snuggie in the car.

“nancy pelosi” laugh “wav file”:  Just in time for Halloween.

“you take a ring and then another ring”:  And if they still won’t open the door, play a .wav file of Nancy Pelosi laughing.

being a hick:  Greatest fear of any coastal Democrat.

do ford mondeo transmission have seals?find free cvv for mastercard and with the sum of $3000:  Take a guess. You have one chance in a thousand.

why emails deleted before read:  You’re very fortunate. Most of us have to delete it manually.

flakiest sign of the zodiac:  Doughboy, the Biscuit.

bail check bounced:  Well, we know where you’re gonna be for the next several weeks.

naturist activists ontario:  You’d better hurry. It’s almost November.

in other news ice is cold:  So is Ontario in the winter.

solar system tattoo:  An excellent idea. Where should we put Uranus?

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