Quote of the week

Severian finds a ray of hope, or something, in the November election:

Now, I don’t think for a second we can vote our way out of this — sorry to rain on your parade — but the results should be a pretty good bellwether of how screwed we really are right now. Only the truest of true believers still trust the “Blue Wave” polls … and even they’re backing down (the polls, I mean, not the true believers. They’ll never stop). If the official report is “Dems up 5,” then the reality must be closer to “Republicans up 10.”

If the Dems win, or if it’s even a toss-up, we might avoid serious violence for another election cycle, as their tried-and-true tricks worked this one last time. But if they lose … since there’s no way to claim “Russian hacking!” about every single race nationwide, violence will be all they have left. And if the Normals are awake enough to consciously know the entire Media apparatus is lying to them — and what other conclusion could we draw from a “Red Tsunami“? — then when the Left starts shooting, as they must, chances are good the Right will start shooting back.

Or maybe not. Remember, very few Sovietologists saw the end of the USSR coming. When these things happen, they happen with blinding speed. But if I were a betting man, I’d put money on Red … then start fortifying my compound.

I suspect he’s not the only one.

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