Or slap some mud on it

Silly twit probably thinks he’s doing something frightfully clever: How many times do I need to put photo block spray on my license plates?

To elaborate:

I found a product that works (phantom plate) after a previous one that didn’t. That was in May and figured with car washes and rain and just eventually wears out. I’ve been taking advantage of toll roads to work and back and going to downtown on weekends.

I haven’t got a citation for using the tolls until this month I got one. It said one application and done but nothing lasts forever. So the product Is it because of all the rain in my area? Should I spray it at least once a month then?

Just a matter of time before he gets caught. I would love to see how he explains that he’s saving money by spraying $29.95 worth of crap on his plate. (And is he perhaps a local? We have rear plates only in this state.)


  1. McGehee »

    26 October 2018 · 8:04 am

    Kansas certainly has a lot of toll roads, and they’re also rear-tag-only. I’m trying to think of any other state I know to be RTO that has a lot of toll roads, but Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Bridge seems a bit long for this guy to use regularly, and I’m not 100% certain they don’t require front tags.

    So Oklahoma and Kansas seem the most likely suspects.

  2. Jean »

    26 October 2018 · 10:42 am

    Florida is another rear tag only.

  3. McGehee »

    26 October 2018 · 1:31 pm

    Most Southern states are. I’m less sure of the overlap between RTO states and lots-of-toll-roads states.

  4. nightfly »

    26 October 2018 · 2:42 pm

    Closer to my home, Pennsylvania is RTO. Not sure what their toll road system is like, other than the Pennsy Pike.

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