Strange search-engine queries (665)

Yes, this again. So long as people search for their hopes and dreams, there’s all the justification we need to continue.

this post title became obsolete:  The hell you say. software:  Is this really any of yur business?

what he wound up with was shall we say not entirely dreamy-looking:  Not all of us have the option of being picky

he still doesn’t have time to go rifling through your data:  Hey, it’s not your fault you’re not dreamy-looking.

Site Meter:  I used to pay them to keep track of this stuff, and then suddenly they forgot how, or something.

this brand of denial:  Comes with a $20 rebate.

sex tube 5033 open toe heels with back seam pantyhose:  As fetishes go, this seems awfully, um, specific.

female clothing optional birthdays:  Doesn’t have to be her birthday for her to wear her birthday suit.

women don’t buy enough blue shoes:  Though they go well with birthday suits.

this works for me:  Yeah, I thought it might.

a babelicious drug lord:  Diversity in all things, lad.

hysterectomy sling anal sex:  Okay, maybe not all things.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    29 October 2018 · 7:19 am

    If that’s what people’s hopes and dreams are, the world’s in a lot worse shape than even my pessimistic ass thought.

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