The clock is running

Try to imagine, for the moment, a rope out there with Robert Bowers swinging from it:

As for the Synagogue Shooter, I doubt he’ll live through the week. We’ve come a long way from the days when the Media could just memory hole Nidal Hasan — remember him? — and anyway he only shot up an Army base. That’s the problem with lunatics, you know? They can be goaded into doing something spectacular, but you never know what they’ll do afterwards. Initial reports say this guy hates Trump almost as much as he hates Jews. They’re sure as hell not going to let him say that on the stand, and since they couldn’t ignore his trial should there be one, I’m betting Bowers comes down with a 9mm migraine here in the next few days. No autopsy at the family’s request.

Not much of a loss, I suspect.

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