He did the mash

The plumbers were summoned to Surlywood this week, there being truly damp stuff accumulating in normally dry areas of the bathroom. Some of this Brian J. tale seemed relevant:

Now, I have a small auger that fits on my drill and has a couple feet of cable in it, but it’s a long way to go to the south side of the house, so we called for a plumber to come out and run a real auger into the plumbing.

I have thought about getting a real auger, at least a real consumer auger, but they run hundreds of dollars. When I was in college, the legendary Swedish mechanic (who shamed me into reading literature for fun) owned one, so my father could borrow it when he had a clog. But it’s hundreds of dollars in expense that might not pay out if I don’t get enough clogged drains (or have enough friends to borrow it from my while it clutters up a part of my garage).

The combination of “Brian” and “auger” resounded inside my head, and eventually the resonances turned themselves into this:

“Happiness Is Just Around the Bend” turned up on a 1973 album by Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express; the Main Ingredient, led in those days by Cuba Gooding, turned Auger’s jazz-rock into something funkier for ’74.

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  1. McGehee »

    2 November 2018 · 9:38 am

    Remember, you can’t say “Auger” without the “aw”.

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