Speed is of the essence

Last weekend, I felt sufficiently drained to figure that maybe I’m not up to standing in line for a long, long time, which, not at all incidentally, has been more or less true for the last couple of years. Accordingly, I duly hit up the Oklahoma State Election Board Web site and requested an absentee ballot. They processed the request on Monday; the ballot was delivered on Wednesday.

Thursday around noon, I dropped the completed ballot in the mail.

Friday evening, I got a text message:

Hey Charles, it’s Erica with the OK Democrats. According to state records, you have not returned your mail ballot yet. Since it must be notarized and received by Election Day, can you put it in the mail tonight?

Only two weird aspects of this:

  • The call was apparently placed from a Tulsa (area code 539) number. State Democratic HQ is just down the road from me, at 36th and Classen in OKC.
  • Per the Election Board: “Physically incapacitated voters and voters who care for physically incapacitated persons who cannot be left alone are not required to have their signatures on the absentee affidavits notarized. They are required to have their signatures witnessed by two people.”

As of 5 pm Friday, the state reported the receipt of 17,179 mail ballots from Oklahoma County: 8278 from registered Republicans, 7718 from registered Democrats, 56 from registered Libertarians, and 1667 from registered Independents. It’s not hard to see why the Democrats might push the panic button.


  1. Chuck »

    5 November 2018 · 9:56 am

    Signatures on absentee ballots must be NOTARIZED? WTF?

  2. hollyh »

    5 November 2018 · 10:34 am

    I agree, that sounds like overkill. The goal should be to make voting EASY, not difficult.

    As always, I was a bit disappointed by my voting experience. I asked one of the poll-watchers a simple question: if I vote straight-party, let’s say for the sake of argument, Democrat, but there are races where there IS no Democrat, I can vote separately for those, right?

    He didn’t seem sure. Basically he said yes, but added: “Let’s see what happens”. eegods. This gentleman was supposedly specially trained for this, just prior to his service. So, when I retire, I guess I’ll volunteer for this job, as part of my mission to help save my planet from itself.

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