Mere inches

“Can I update car title?” asks a person who shouldn’t be allowed near one:

I bought a car off private owner with mileage on title of 93k but on the dashboard it was actually 92400 but on my tile it says 93k. Can I take it to DMV to update the title because I guessed it was 93k even and the previous title from the seller had it as 93k. I wanna maintain the value! Also might sell it to Carmax.

Six hundred miles on a car with 93k isn’t enough of a value adjustment to pay for an air freshener at Pep Boys. I suspect that were this clown in a position to buy new, he’d demand a price reduction for the five or six residual testing miles on the odo.


  1. jsallison »

    7 November 2018 · 7:40 pm

    Passenger side low-beam went out on my Accord. Since I darned near sprained a wrist trying to change the driver side a while ago, took it to the SW 104th St Walmart on the way out of town. Said they were slammed but would work it in. I was out the door 10mins later for under $20. Gotta give props where due.

  2. McGehee »

    7 November 2018 · 7:58 pm

    It can be done, but he won’t want to go to the trouble.

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