Subtonic for the troops

The Thunder, if nothing else, nailed down their position as the Worst 3-Point Shooters in the Association; then agaih, they didn’t shoot worth a darn for two points, and started sliding into the Dumpster in the second quarter, where Dallas had a one-point lead at the beginning and a twelve-point lead twelve minutes later. No progress was made in the second half, and the lightly-regarded Mavs picked up their fourth win against eight losses, 111-96. It was a sub-par offensive performance for the Thunder, but it was also a sub-par defensive performance as well; the Mavs shot 56 percent and nearly 50 percent from outside. (OKC: 39 percent, 27 percent on treys.) And all this without Dirk, yet; the Dallas offense was paced by Luka Dončić (22 points) and J. J. Barea (21).

Something to point to in the box score: Barea’s 21 points just about equaled the total point production of the entire OKC bench (22). Both Paul George and Steven Adams posted double-doubles (20 points/13 boards each), and Dennis Schröder managed 19, but there wasn’t much left for anyone else Billy Donovan threw into the mix, with the possible exception of Jerami Grant, who did a reasonable job of finding the rim for 13 points. The Thunder got the lion’s, or at least the panther’s, share of rebounds, 53-38, although it should be noted that 26 of those came off the offensive glass, which should give you an idea how poorly they did on the first shot of any random possession.

So the seven-game win streak is history. The Thunder go back home tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning, and face the Suns on Monday evening. Phoenix is not doing well so far this season. Then again, neither were the Mavs, until tonight.

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