Looking good for 60

Joe Sherlock turned up this shot of a truly wild 1958 Chevrolet:

Exotic paint job on '58 Impala

A 1958 Chevrolet Impala, exhibited at SEMA last week, is not what it seems to be. Looking like a bare-metal finish automobile decorated everywhere with etchings, engravings and machine turnings is actually a paint job.

Displayed by Kuhl Racing and Japanese paint and automotive parts producer Rohan, the car showcased the artistry of custom painter Takahiko Izawa, who is credited with the invention of “metal paint” and for his unprecedented technique of “engraving” an entire car body.

Izawa reportedly uses various stencils and spends hours applying and sculpting the painted surfaces to achieve an awesome 3-D effect. The result is spectacular. There are lots more photos at Jesse Bowers’ Just A Car Guy site.

Now I’m trying to imagine this same treatment given to one of those bat-winged ’59s.

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