Not his little pony

What is the opposite of “Equestria”? Would you believe “Florida”?

A 21-year-old man from Citra, Fla. was arrested after he reportedly had sex four times in one week with a miniature horse.

Nicholas Sardo was seen having sex with a miniature horse named Jackie G in a pasture on a family member’s property, authorities said.

Four times in a week? That pretty much eliminates the possibility of spur-of-the-moment desire. And if that didn’t, this would:

In the release sent out by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Sardo told deputies that he used a condom so that he wouldn’t contract a disease from the horse.

If I owned this horse, I’d worry she’d contract a disease from Florida Man.

(Via Fark.)


  1. hollyh »

    21 November 2018 · 8:31 am

    You know, it’s about time we called this what it is. Inter-species rape.

  2. Scooby214 »

    21 November 2018 · 8:47 am

    Spur-of-the-moment? Well stated.

  3. nightfly »

    21 November 2018 · 10:22 am

    Neigh means neigh.

  4. CGHill »

    21 November 2018 · 11:10 am

    In general, livestock are not capable of giving informed consent, so “rape” would seem to apply.

    (In this universe, anyway.)

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