Minnesota gets bigger sodas

The drive-in restaurant, with carhops and everything, is generally considered to be a warm-climate phenomenon: it wouldn’t seem to work quite so well in the Snow Belt. (“Put on the chains, honey, we’re going out for extra-long chili cheese coneys!”)

Maybe; maybe not. Sonic is coming to Savage, Minnesota:

In Savage, a Sonic is being proposed for a new retail development at the southeast corner of County Road 42 and Joppa Avenue, called River Bend Plaza. Plans show 23 canopied outdoor slots for cars.

Sonic fends off the polite Minnesota skepticism:

Not a problem, replies Christi Woodworth, Sonic’s director of external communications.

“We had an opening in Columbus, Ohio, in six inches of snow. You won’t find people on the patio, but they’re still in drive-in stalls or the drive-through. We have cold-weather uniforms for crew members. It hasn’t been an issue. We’ve been in icy, windy Nebraska for years. People pull in, leave the car running, and stay warm and toasty. It usually takes less than four minutes to get the food.”

(Via Jalopnik.)

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