Checking in with Queen Ramonda

Few actors inhabit a character the way Angela Bassett does; whether she’s playing Betty Shabazz or Tina Turner, you get up from your theater seat thinking that you’ve just seen an exceptionally well-researched documentary. At sixty, she’s at the top of her game; the remarkable thing is that she’s been there since her twenties.

Angela Bassett can wear orange

Angela Bassett gets Stella's groove back

Angela Bassett as Desiree Dupre

In three seasons of American Horror Story, she played three wildly disparate characters. In our third photo, she’s Desiree Dupre.

Most recently, she was Queen Ramonda in Black Panther. In an interview around the premiere date, she made a few observations about the production:

That Jamaican lad from How Stella Got Her Groove Back would be about forty now. I’d like to imagine that they’re still together after all these years.

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