Candidate for a bus pass

He clearly can’t afford to drive:

Long story short my car run out of fuel and was sedentary for a while (I couldn’t drive it and refuel because i had no license at the time). The battery went dead after I kept turning on the ignition and listening to the radio, messing with the lights etc when I was bored (ye ye dumb I know). So after a while I got some fuel from a jerry can and jump started it which worked but the next day it was dead again. I tried buying 2 different car chargers but both showed the battery full when obviously it isn’t. I even left it on charge for 11+ hours and it still wouldn’t start. I’ve tried leaving the car on after jumping it and gently reving the engine for almost an hour and it still won’t start after without jumping again. Is the battery completely useless? On top of the battery it shows partially charged. I haven’t drove the car around to know if it will charge (I don’t have the money to insure the car for a few more weeks)

So much fail. And nothing here suggests he’s ever going to change his ways.

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