Windows Live Fail

I have twenty-one years’ worth of email in the archives here. And you would not believe what I had to go through to keep access to it.


  1. Dan T. »

    9 December 2018 · 12:43 pm

    Well, I’ve used Pegasus Mail since 1995.

  2. McGehee »

    9 December 2018 · 2:16 pm

    Desktop email client applications have been redheaded stepchildren since… oh, about the time Gmail emerged.

    I have used Thunderbird when I had multiple active email accounts, or when I wanted to move my IMAP messages from one account to another*. But it’s been all but neglected since… oh, about the time Gmail emerged, so it’s just never going to be my interface of choice..

    By and large I’m a webmail guy now, using FastMail because and the rest are too Lowest Common Denominator for how I want to manage my email. And when I need to offload messages altogether, FastMail’s process is the easiest I’ve found for exporting those messages I deem worth saving.

    *I can’t do POP mail because I have multiple devices for accessing mail — it’s IMAP or webmail, or nothing.

  3. MarcusZ1967 »

    9 December 2018 · 8:57 pm

    Hah! Since I seen the 10x windows offer from my win 7 pro. It has never seen the internet….. yanked out the wifi and never pluged in a net wire…… I have linux laptop if I need to resarch something…..

  4. Roger Green »

    10 December 2018 · 3:21 am

    This is why I’m a technophobe.

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