Gotta have my status

Loser really hates when he isn’t given the props he thinks he deserves: So I rented a premium car with hertz and they gave me an Avalon for the same price?

You can hear the pain self-righteousness in his voice:

So I had reserved an Infiniti or similar which came out to 80$/day and that’s on the premium car category aka “prestige” the Avalon is just a full size car and they wouldn’t adjust the price. Am I wrong to want to dispute it with my credit card company if they don’t adjust it?

What needs adjusting, farknozzle, is your attitude. The only Infinitis you’re going to find in regular rental fleets are bottom-of-the-line Q50s with nowhere near the amount of equipment you’ll find in an Avalon, and the Q50s are one size smaller besides. (I’ve rented two of the Qs. I know.)

Now, did this cost you a date with an actual (as distinguished from “inflatable”) woman? Then you’re better off. Once she’d listened to you whine for five minutes, it’s over. And besides, if you can’t put the dollar sign in the right place, you’re too stupid for either rental cars or women.

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  1. ruralcounsel »

    16 December 2018 · 2:00 pm

    First world problems.
    Next time, rent from someone else.
    BTW, complaining about this publicly just makes this person sound like a total douchebag-asshat.

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