She shoots, she scores

I suspect someone in the upper echelon of Congressional Democrats will be assigned the duty of taking this young idealist to the woodshed:

If this tweet disappears, you’ll know why.


  1. 2ABill »

    18 December 2018 · 8:08 pm

    Personally I’m of the opinion that anyone who:

    1) Gets more money from the Federal Government (welfare or otherwise) than they pay in taxes
    2) Works for the Federal Government

    Should not be allowed to vote in Federal Elections.

    Work down the governmental chain of state, local, municipalities etc. from there.

    Sorry, but being able to vote to enlarge your personal scope of governmental authority should be disallowed, nor should those who do not pay into the system (taxes) have any say on how much they received from it.. An original requirement was that voters must be landowners on the theory that those who had no skin in the game should not vote on to increase their benefits. Seems like a sound principle to me. Shame we abandoned it.

  2. Chuck »

    18 December 2018 · 9:18 pm

    “it’s hard to rule out of your mind”? What does that even mean?

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