A sharp stick from the Eye

No, you can’t have severance. Not yours:

Leslie Moonves, the former boss of CBS, will not receive a $120m (£95m) severance package after an inquiry into alleged sexual misconduct.

The US broadcaster said it had found that were grounds to fire Mr Moonves “for cause” including his “willful and material misfeasance.”

Mr Moonves stepped down in September following fresh claims he had sexually harassed or assaulted six more women.

He said that the accusations made in The New Yorker magazine were untrue.

In a statement, CBS said Mr Moonves had failed to co-operate fully with the company’s investigation into the allegations against him.

It also said he had had violated company policy and was in breach of his employment contract and as a consequence he would not receive any severance payment from CBS.

Still unexplained: how Moonves could possibly have been bored by wife Julie Chen.


  1. McGehee »

    19 December 2018 · 7:25 am

    Some guys just don’t know when they’ve got it good.

  2. hollyh »

    19 December 2018 · 8:01 am

    For others like myself, who need a bit of dictionarial assistance:
    Malfeasance. Intentional conduct that is wrongful or unlawful, especially by officials or public employees. Malfeasance is at a higher level of wrongdoing than nonfeasance (failure to act where there was a duty to act) or misfeasance (conduct that is lawful but inappropriate)

  3. Roger Green »

    19 December 2018 · 10:01 am

    It’s not boredom but entitlement.

    After she left The Talk (after the beatdown Moonves took at the hands of her colleagues), I got to wonder how she comes back. Will there be another Big Brother with her as the host?

  4. The Other McCain »

    19 December 2018 · 8:49 pm

    In The Mailbox: 12.19.18

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