Power door locks are standard

Anyone old enough to remember Elwood Engel’s ultra-tasteful 1961 Lincolns won’t even bat an eye at this:

Then there is the ever-watchful, always ahistorical, Clueless Twitter:

Though no official communications from Lincoln or Ford use the term “suicide doors,” just about every news report on the new Conti called them exactly that. Autoweek and Road & Track used the term in their tweets about the car. CNN, Fox News, and CBS News all used “suicide doors” in their headlines. Since few people these days seem to actually read, the Twitter mob was provoked by the headlines to inveigh against the automaker for being insensitive about suicide, even though Lincoln isn’t using the word.

Every day I find more reason to be less sensitive.

And seriously, can you really call them “suicide doors” with that big fat B-pillar blocking your exit?

Addendum: On this date in 1961, Elwood Engel, having saved the Lincoln brand from certain death, found himself occupying the Chief Stylist slot — at Chrysler.

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