The wake-up call goes to 11

They want 16-year-olds to be able to vote. Were I intent on providing a reason why this should not happen, I need only point to this alleged 20-year-old: I need to get car repod. I plan on buying a car 3 weeks after the repo. Do i have to be worried? Im 20 btw.?

Three weeks? He’ll be lucky if it’s three years.

A blue-clad anonyme told him off right smart:

Do you have to be worried? Yes. It’s not going to happen. If you voluntarily surrender your vehicle, you do not get completely out of debt. The lender will auction the vehicle and deduct what they get for it from what you owe. To that amount they will add the auction fee and repo fees. This will leave you with no car and significant debt, and you will be unable to finance another vehicle for years. The only way you could buy another car after the repo is for cash, but if you had that amount of cash you could make your payments. In short, you’re an ignorant dumbass and soon to become a walking one. I hope you own decent walking shoes.

First thought, of course, was Troll! But I looked back at some of the guy’s previous questions, and he would lose a game of Jeopardy! to two bags of hair.

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