Hitherto unnoticed

I don’t always look at YouTube’s screen of recommendations, but when something shows up in the grid that’s three years old and has had precisely zero views, I follow up.

There were some other tracks with one or two views, even reaching double digits in one instance, but this is about as neglected a set as you’re likely to find on YouTube. I dialed up the iTunes Store and found Hollie Sue’s The Island. No reviews yet. And the little bar graph they put out to indicate popularity? Not one bar on any song.

I bought the album, mostly on the basis of “Well, somebody ought to.” And then I noticed the CD Baby reference on the YouTube page and decided I’d look over there. Remarkably, they had more than the one album, and some bio:

Hollie Sue is a singer-songwriter from Yorkshire in the North of England. Her music is influenced by blues, jazz, soul, and folk artists such as Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Eva Cassidy, Jools Holland, and Joni Mitchell. Writing songs from the heart, Hollie accompanies her soulful voice with a rich tapestry of instruments such as piano, ukulele, guitar, double bass, gentle drums, percussion, strings, and breathy vocal harmonies.

At the tender age of 5, Hollie’s favourite Disney films prompted her to start singing, and she hasn’t stopped since. After singing her way through school choirs, college bands and vocal group, and performances at university, Hollie now counts among her achievements a degree in music, a Finalist and Runner-Up certificate in the UK Songwriting Contest, and three of her own self-penned albums.

And so long as I was there, I picked up her Truth or Dare album, from way back in 2008.

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