Do what you Musk

Tesla, says Bark M., gonna Tesla:

I have no idea why every autowriter in America appears to either be Team Tesla or Team Haterade, but I find myself squarely in the “meh” camp. Musk and crew have proven to be brilliant, and I do mean brilliant marketers. They don’t spend a dime on advertising and yet they dominate the news pages. They have managed to create more raving fans in just a few years than their competitors have with several decades of a head start. Mercedes buyers will consider BMW. Audi buyers will consider Lexus. Tesla buyers only consider Tesla. That, in and of itself, is a fantastic accomplishment. Yes, the cars appear to have some quality and consistency issues on delivery, and I still think that Tesla will fight an uphill battle against dealers and unions. But they are making and selling a genuinely significant number of cars right here in the United States at a time when Ford and GM are fleeing for China. That alone is worthy of applause. I don’t think they’ll go out of business, and I don’t think they’ll dominate the industry from top to bottom. Apparently I’m wrong by not having one of those two opinions, but whatevs, you know?

Whatevs. The fact is, Tesla is somehow managing to deliver about 200,000 cars a year, more than Acura, more than Infiniti, almost as many as Mazda. No one ever questions those guys. And while one may weary of Tesla fanboys, try to imagine the same number of bodies clamoring for Buicks, and admit defeat.

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