Skyrockets end flight

Tech wizard and all-around music guy Marc Wielage told this story of a one-hit wonder:

I have had conversations with a handful of one-hit wonders where they lamented that they knew the moment where things went bad, and it sometimes boils down to “Lead Singer Syndrome” (LSS), as depicted by the movie That Thing You Do. I once recorded a jingle session with an attractive couple, and during a conversation break they revealed they were Bill & Taffy Danoff, who were half of The Starland Vocal Band, who had had a huge 1976 hit with the infamous “Afternoon Delight.” Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “what happened?”

After I apologized, they kind of winced and gave me a long story about how they went in a completely different direction for their follow-up album, which tanked, then they went back to their original formula, only RCA didn’t like it and dropped them, then their concert audiences started drying up… so in 1980 they were writing and recording jingles for chewing gum. As Bill told me: “we still gotta keep up the payments on the house and the Mercedes!”

The SVB cut ten singles for Windsong, John Denver’s imprint at RCA, four of which charted, though three of them were stuck around #70. The last of them was “Loving You With My Eyes”:

Written by the female half of the group (Taffy Danoff and Margot Chapman), “Eyes” charted in early 1980 at #71.

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