It’s very hard not to laugh at this character:

Hi,i have problem with my pc,i cannot go in normal windows,only safe mode.I have pirated windows btw.Can someone help me restore my system and start windows normaly?

On the upside, at least he admitted it up front, which is pretty rare these days except among braggarts.


  1. McGehee »

    17 January 2019 · 11:57 am

    The sad thing is, when I wanted to install a clean, OEM-kludge-free copy of Windows on a second PC after having used a legitimately purchased copy on a first one, all I needed to do was find a vendor on (IIRC) Ebay who had licenses for sale for something like $10.

    Since I already had the media, I chanced it, and used the second license to validate the second install. Microsoft didn’t seem to care where the OS copy came from as long as I had a valid license for it.

    I may have lucked out that time. I haven’t needed to replace the OEM versions of Windows on either of the PCs I’ve bought since then (wouldn’t help with the lousy charge plug on the Surface Go anyway) so I don’t know how risky it was.

    Better than trying to run a pirated copy without a valid license though, I’m fairly confident of that.

  2. The Other McCain »

    18 January 2019 · 7:50 am

    In The Mailbox: 01.17.19

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