Two years or 20,000 ice cubes

Remember when you filled out one side of a card, slapped a stamp on the other, and the manufacturer of whatever you just bought — a refrigerator, for instance — would start the warranty forthwith? Things seem to have gotten a little more complicated:

Some goofball over there decided it would be best to set it up so you can text them a picture of a part of the warranty notice that comes with the unit, but when I tried to do that the paper was too close to the phone and the serial number was out of focus. So I took a picture from further away, including the larger-print serial number next to the intended picture, but their photo reader algorithm misread the number. I declined to confirm those numbers.

So I went online and tried again the new old-fashioned way; the first time, the wrong model number was my fault, but I went back through to try again, got it right, and discovered that neither registration was shown on my account page where it was supposed to be (I hoped to delete the wrong one). So I tried again, again making sure both numbers were correct. Still nothing on the account page.

Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s Kirk vs. Nomad.

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  1. McGehee »

    18 January 2019 · 4:10 pm

    “Alexa, register my refrigerator.”

    “Renovating your defibrillator.”

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