It’s the orthotic that counts

This is a case of my clipping something from the newspaper and then completely forgetting about it. From some time last spring:

Jill by Marion Parke

About the designer:

Marion Parke is an American podiatric surgeon and luxury footwear designer. Motivated by her vision for footwear with intelligent design, she creates shoes that seamlessly blend thoughtful structure with an elegant yet edgy style. Marion Parke has treated countless stylish women seeking beautiful footwear with considerate construction. In response to this need, she launched her namesake collection for Spring 2016. Her launch collection quickly garnered editorial and retailer interest. She was named a finalist for the Accessory Council’s prestigious Emerging Designer Award in 2015. Most recently, she received Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award in Accessories for 2017.

“Jill”, pictured above, doesn’t seem that edgy, but it’s nice to look at.

Dr. Parke knows her way around this part of the world, too:

Parke, a University of Oklahoma graduate, launched her first namesake collection in spring 2016. Since then, her luxury shoes have caught the attention of women across the country, including countless celebrities, who have a little more spring in their step thanks to Parke’s sculpted and contoured insole.

She said it’s that insole that sets her shoes apart from others. A traditional insole generally is a flat piece of cardboard. Hers follows the natural contour and curvature of the bottom of the foot. Key elements are arch support, cupping in the heel and added material along the outside for a more stable position of the foot.

While others may describe her shoes as comfortable, that’s not a word Parke uses. She thinks the expectations are different. Her shoes are not made for people with foot problems or bunions. Her shoes aren’t extra wide or extra deep. They’re for the woman with normal feet who says she still can’t wear a high heel for more than 30 minutes.

“That’s where the white space is in the market,” she said, adding her shoes are for the woman who likes to shop designer and loves fashion.

By now, “Jill” is on the way out, and the $450 price tag has shrunk to $270.

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