Pae as you go

It’s as least as silly as “Carpae Diem,” the slogan which appears on Rep. Daniel Pae’s LinkedIn paege. The freshman legislator, a Lawton Republican, is known mostly for this session’s House Bill 1071 [pdf], which scoots the speed limit on rural toll roads up to 80 mph.

“Hot damn,” says Hayley at TLO:

Now instead of puttering along at a slow and steady 75-mph, Oklahomans may soon be able to cruise at a cool 80 on the turnpike. Oh, who am I kidding. Everyone already takes a 75-mph speed limit as permission to travel at least 80, if not 85. But whatever lets me legally shave 7-12 minutes off of a trip to Tulsa to actually see a non-country musician perform in concert is fine with me.

Should this measure be enacted, and frankly I can’t imagine Governor Stitt not signing it, the effective date, typically for new Oklahoma laws, will be the first of November.

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