Tireless commuter

No, wait, that’s tyreless commuter:

Police said they were “shocked” to find a car being driven erratically on a major road was missing a front tyre.

The driver was stopped on the A11 near Wymondham, Norfolk, by officers in the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team (NSRAPT) on Saturday.

The vehicle was missing its front right-hand tyre.

Something's missing where the rubber meets the road

What’s the first thought that comes to mind? Right you are:

After giving a breathalyser reading of more than three times the drink-drive limit, the driver was arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

(Via Fark.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    30 January 2019 · 7:13 am

    It always scares me a little to see someone doing in real life (the driving a car with no tire, not the driving drunk) something that I have had nightmares about.

  2. McGehee »

    30 January 2019 · 8:11 am

    In Russia that would be just another day that ends in vodka — if the YouTube car crash videos are to be believed.

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