Welcome to 1999

None of that fancy-schmancy infotainment equipment for you, Mr. Jag Buyer:

It looks as if certain 2019 model year Jaguar E-Pace crossovers have left the factory improperly equipped. Back in November, an owner created an account on the EPaceForum to share their experience. According to the posting, the E-Pace arrived with some features missing. Functions like navigation, WiFi, live weather and sports updates, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto were all absent.

Software update, right? Wrong:

The poster said they were swiftly contacted by Jaguar Land Rover and their dealer, only to be told what they already knew: that their vehicle left the factory missing the “InControl Pack and Smart Settings” that make these systems functional.

Worse still, JLR said nothing could be done about it.

No, really, they said that:

“A small quantity of cars left the UK without the Connect Pro Pack — this includes functionality for features like InControl Pro Services, WiFi HotSpot and Smart Settings — which are required for Apple Car Play and Android Auto to function correctly,” a JLR spokesperson explained. “Adding this pack is not something that can be retrofitted, so the decision has been made to proactively communicate this to potential buyers (of vehicles at retailers) and offer a $600 credit in lieu of the content.’

“We’re sorry your milk was sour. Please accept this coupon for 50 cents off your favorite brand of American processed cheese food.”

How about No? Does No work for you?


  1. McGehee »

    30 January 2019 · 5:58 pm

    “Tell ya what. You ship a replacement car that has the features I paid for, to my nearest Jaguar dealership, and I’ll bring the defective car in for a straight-up exchange. All at your expense.

    “Then you can pursue whoever’s responsible for this kludge-up yourselves to cover your expenses.

    “‘Cause I’m not feeling particularly charitable toward your company right this minute.”

  2. The Other McCain »

    31 January 2019 · 7:56 am

    In The Mailbox: 01.30.19

    […] Dustbury: Welcome To 1999 […]

  3. Chuck Pergiel »

    31 January 2019 · 8:29 am

    You don’t suppose this is some kind of red-flag operation designed to get Jaguar in the spotlight? I know it sounds stupid, but there was that celebrity who didn’t care what you said as long as you spelled his name right. And then there was Rolls Royce who couldn’t make enough money selling jet engines, they had to fleece their customers by selling overpriced maintenance contracts. I hope that’s not the case. I hope they are just chowder heads.

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