Cold on the Coast

Goran Dragić will be out for at least five more weeks, and fans of the Miami Heat don’t have a whole lot to look forward to until he gets back. In the meantime, there’s always the question of whether Hassan Whiteside will misbehave, and please please please don’t let anything happen to Dwyane Wade. (Weirdly, there was only one technical called tonight, on Wade, while Whiteside rolled up a double-double — 12 points, 16 rebounds — and committed a mere three fouls.) The most exciting thing that happened tonight, if you ask me, was Wade and Paul George posing with each other’s jerseys after the final horn, and with Wade retiring after this season, I’m in favor of letting him get as much time in the spotlight as he can. (He played 22 minutes, scored seven points, and served up a team-high six assists.) The final — Oklahoma City 118, Miami 102 — was somewhat anticlimactic. but what the hell.

The Miami second unit contributed 48 points to the cause tonight, almost half of which came from Kelly Olynyk with 21. (Compare and contrast: 40 Thunder bench points, 28 [!] from Dennis Schröder.) There was another Russell Westbrook triple-double, 14-12-14, and PG-13’s twenty-three shots resulted in 43 points. (Ten out of 16 treys. I want what he’s having.)

There’s some sort of football game Sunday, which is why the Thunder and the Celtics are playing in the early afternoon. Not that it gets cold in the TD Garden, but temperatures should be in the lower to middle Thirties, which in the age of the Polar Vortex is a farking heat wave. Boston is 21-6 at home; OKC is 16-11 on the road. And things are pretty much always ferocious in Beantown, so if this game goes well, I won’t have to deal with whatever pigskin-fest is trapped inside three hours of commercials later that day.

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