Looking for Nikita the K

Our search begins in Portland, Oregon:

Get in the car to go to lunch, turn on the radio and what’s this? It sounds like Russian. I wasn’t aware of any Russian language radio stations in our neck of the woods. Could this be coming from Russia? I mean we got that Polar Vortex thing going on, bringing real arctic weather to the Midwest, Maybe somethin’s goin’ on with ionosphere and I’m picking up a broadcast from Moscow.

Well, no, turns out it was a local station, 1010AM, supposedly some kind of Christian station. I mean that’s what the web site says, but I don’t understand Russian so I have no idea what they are actually saying.

The station is apparently branded as “Наше Радио USA” (“Our Radio USA”); it’s one of two Russian-language stations in the Portland area, both owned by Bustos Media, John and Amador Bustos. Most of the Bustos stations broadcast in (no!) Spanish.

As for Nikita the K, he was last heard here:

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