Caracas noises

Roberta X on the current state of affairs, or affairs of state, in Venezuela:

[T]he socialist government ran out of people to loot and shiny lies awhile back; now they have dueling Executives (with the incumbent warning of civil war and the challenging interim President scoffing at the notion, perhaps because he know anyone with the price of a brickbat has already left the country or forted up as much as possible). Yes, here it is running in real-time, an example of why top-down economic planning is a wretched idea, even in a country that started out with what certainly looked like legitimate beefs about exploitation by foreign enterprises and had plenty of natural resources. I hope they can sort things out with a minimum of bloodshed and hunger; they’ve had an excess of both already. Attempting any deep analysis in advance of the outcome of developing events is worse than futile; first-world countries are sending food and medicine and historians can pick over the meaning of it later.

Stand by for Dueling Historians; there are some people with academic credentials, whatever those may be worth in real life, who will never, ever say an unkind word about Hugo Chávez.

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