Far from cute

But not far from Quora:

Most of the time in public places, when strangers walk past me, they would stare at me & say out loud to themselves “she’s ugly.” It doesn’t matter where I go. This happens in the banks & grocery stores. Why do some strangers act so unkind to me?

Either she’s a dead ringer for Cthulhu’s sister, or she’s off her meds. I’m not sure I want to know which.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    7 February 2019 · 5:43 pm

    If it were once or twice, and not “most of the time,” I’d say “because strangers are unkind” (Some of the stuff I’ve heard other women say about people they don’t even know, it would curl your hair). But “most of the time” suggests to me it’s more of an internal problem than an external one. (Said as someone who used to believe herself ugly)

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