Only some Northern songs

Let me tell you how it might be:

It’s all too much.

(With thanks to Marc Wielage.)


  1. Dan T. »

    15 February 2019 · 10:33 pm

    That plotline was done, sort of, in a web comic a few years ago when a character (Shelley Winters, not the actress) went back in time to the 1800s and introduced Beatles songs to old-time England, claiming to have written them.

  2. Roger Green »

    16 February 2019 · 4:43 am

    If it gets mediocre or better reviews, I’ll have to see it

  3. fillyjonk »

    16 February 2019 · 5:58 am

    It looks interesting to me. And given all the people in my Twitter feed joking about “have we tried turning the world off, and then back on,” maybe we need to explore more what the consequences of that could be…

    There’s also some kind of extended “impostor syndrome” joke going on there.

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    28 February 2019 · 8:44 am

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