On the far side of the Rio Grande

You’ve seen some of these names before:

As our road trip wound through some of the industrial centers of he country I saw corporate brands you would deem exclusively “American,” each taking advantage of the cheaper labor and costs in order to remain competitive domestically.

Much angst was generated locally and nationally when United Technologies planned to close its unionized Carrier factory in Indianapolis. The Trumpster even got involved. Lots of folks vowed to never buy a Carrier again. Of course they will forget this notion in fifteen or twenty years when they finally need a new furnace or air conditioner. More to the point, I read nothing about boycotts of Lennox, who, by the way, has a factory in … Mexico.

I know nobody who would likely ask the HVAC tech “Where is this product made?” But this could just be a manifestation of fear that the answer might be “China.”

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