Plenty of amps

Electrification is even reaching Italian cars these days:

Earlier this month, Maserati announced upgrades for its Modena assembly plant in preparation for its upcoming Alfieri sports car. That vehicle’s existence, heralded by a 2014 show car, is a key plank in a five-year product plan unveiled last summer.

The two-seat Alfieri won’t carry the V8 powerplant seen in the show car; rather, buyers can expect two green powertrain options in two bodystyles — coupe and convertible. Wards Auto reports that the more consumer-friendly Alfieri variant will adopt a plug-in hybrid layout, utilizing a V6 engine to keep the party going after battery depletion. The other choice is a fully electric Alfieri of undetermined range.

FCA said last year that the battery-electric Alfieri will boast three motors, propelling the car to 62 mph in about 2 seconds. Production should commence before the halfway point in 2020, with consumers gaining delivery of their cars by early 2021.

But will it do 185?

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