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There are sites where kindly folk like myself will attempt to answer your questions, and it’s disheartening to discover that the majority of those questions boil down to “I did this. How do I escape the consequences?”

Then there was one question I stumbled upon that I wasn’t even close to expecting: “Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” I decided that the first name I encountered would go into this very slot, and that is why you’re seeing photos of H’Hen Niê, who won Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, and went on to Miss Universe 2018, where she made the semifinals.

H'Hen Niê looking regal

H'Hen Niê staying informed

H'Hen Niê showing some skin

Much was made of her being one of the Rade people of southern Vietnam and northern Cambodia. The Rade are matrilineal: the female line determines descent, and women are the owners of family property.

A brief bio, and some more pictures:

And I fished this out of her Twitter timeline:

“92,” I infer, is her year of birth.

And, said the person on Quora who sang her praises:

[S]he was undoubtedly the most impressive and bravest contestant in the Miss Universe pageant this year. She is compassionate, kind, fierce, courageous, beautiful and inspiring to women all around the world.

I think when you’re a beauty queen, they have to talk about you like that.

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